Hi, I’m Slug, Agent Slug

I can monitor your website’s uptime.

From 0.00€ to 0.44€ monthly for a single website

Instant uptime check

What is Agent Slug?

Agent Slug is a little creature that would be happy to monitor your website’s uptime.

If you tell him to do that, Slug checks on the site 24 hours a day. The best thing is that it’s almost free of charge!

You won’t spend more than 0.44€/month for a single website monitoring. You can spend less, however.

Why uptime monitoring is so important?

First of all, you don’t want to discover that your website is unavailable for a couple of hours… after a couple of hours.

You must know if there’s something wrong with your website as soon as possible.

Furthermore, what you probably don’t know is that your website is actually down from time to time. If you didn’t catch a website downtime, it doesn’t mean that there wasn’t any downtime at all. It means that you didn’t notice one.

The best host companies are up 99% of the time. Do you want to know when exactly your website was down and why?

How uptime monitoring works?

When you start your first monitoring set, you’ll be asked to provide us with three informations: website url, a word that is always present in document body (optional) and how often we should test your site.

After you click the “start” button, one of our servers tests your site in desired time interval.

Every single connection to your site costs you one point. One point costs 0.00001€.

If your site is down, next checks are proceeded as soon as possible (about 30 seconds intervals). Moreover, all downtime test are completely free.

Every test ends with registering a test log (connection time, http response code and other useful statistical data).

You can export those data to printable PDF website uptime report file.

How do we notify you about outage?

Alert by e-mail

We use e-mail as a primary communication channel. As a default behaviour we send all notification to an account e-mail address.

You can also turn off default e-mail notifications and assign different e-mail addresses to each of your tests.

Downtime alert in your chat room

To fulfill our users needs we also provide chat room service integration. You can use it as an only notification medium or in parallel with standard e-mails. However, if we will not able to send a message via third party service, we will still use e-mail alerts as a fallback (even if e-mail notifications are turned off).

At the moment we provide integration with Slack.com. However if you need any other, we are opened for your suggestions.

* Our service is not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Slack Technologies, Inc.

Fancy an API? No problem.

API access

We are developers and we understand other developers's. If you have some special needs you can always ask us for it. Or, you can just code what ever you want using our API.

To check what the API can do, please navigate to api.agentslug.com and read the documentation.

What is the price?

Pay for a real usage!

1 site (every minute monitoring) costs as little as 0.44€ a month (without tax).

Every check (single connection to your site) costs you one point. 50 000 points cost 0.5€.

If you don’t get it, please see price examples below.

Try for free now!

You can try our service without any charges or credit card data.

You will get 50000 points for startup. It would be enough to monitor single website for a month!

try now for free

Long story short… (tl;dr)

Example prices
Web owner
Free checks during downtime!

Downtime checks

~20 seconds check interval


If your website is down, we test it without charge

Tell me more…

Pay only for real capacity!

We don't limit your account. You can set as many tests as you want to as many websites as you want.

For each test, you can set different checks interval. If you have a high priority site – set it to "every minute test", if a 10 minutes downtime is not an end of the world – set it to 10 minutes or 1 hour interval.

You pay for a real check, not for ability to do that

Who we are?

EU company

We are a company located in Poland. If you want to, we can send you an official electronic invoice for every payment.

No surprises

We would never demand any money from you. Agent Slug is a pre-paid service. You only pay for it if you want to.

We use PayPal

We do not process your payments by ourselves. Payment is processed with PayPal. No payment card information is stored in our database.