Hi, I’m Slug, Agent Slug

I can monitor your website.

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What is it?

Agent Slug is a little creature that would be happy to monitor your website.

At the moment it can monitor website’s uptime and test a whole website by looking for dead links.

Sign up now, get 5€ bonus and test it by yourself!

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Uptime testing for your website

Uptime testing for your website

Uptime monitoring is not only about getting information when your website is down. It's also about getting insights how your website perform from different locations in the world.

From the first second after your test is deployed you are protected against being unaware of the website downtime by getting notifications via e-mail or Slack.

After one hour you get performance insights from different places around the globe. We currently monitor your website from Europe, America, Asia and Australia.


Pricing is simple. Each check costs 0.00001€ (net).

It means uptime test set up for every minute costs around 0.44€ per month. For tests which is done every 10 minutes cost is less than 0.50€ a month.

Additionally you get free 0.50€ every month. You can spend it on whatever you want within the service. BTW, we do not charge you when your website is down since we call your website every 20 seconds during downtime.

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Dead links scanner - Full Content Test

Additionally for uptime testing, it's possible to scan the whole website

During the scan, Agent Slug browses the website by looking for every dead link in the content. Test can be scheduled or started ad-hoc.

Finding dead links is pretty cheap with us. It costs only 1€ for a full scan of a website with a 10,000 links. First test is completely free (5€ welcome bonus!).

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Pricing is simple

You pay as you go, which means you pay only for what you use. Additionally, every month we add to your account 0.50€ for free. For start up, you get 5€ right after you sign up!

All prices are net (without VAT)

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Uptime Test

0.00001€ / connection

Eg. ~0.44€/month (every minute test) or ~0.05€/month (every 10 minute test)

Content Test

0.0001€ / connection

Eg. 1€ for full scan of a website with 10 thousand links