Hi, I’m Slug, Agent Slug

I can monitor your website.

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What is it?

Agent Slug is a little creature that is happy to monitor your website.

At the moment it can monitor website’s uptime and trigger alerts when your application (e.g. CRON job) is dead

Test it by yourself, it costs nothing!

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Website uptime testing

Uptime monitoring means AgentSlug actively checks whether your website is up or not.

Once you set up the URL of your website, you will get notifications via e-mail or Slack every time our robots detect confirmed downtime..

We monitor websites from different locations in Europe, America, Asia and Australia so you can also compare how user location affects performance of your website.

Application monitoring

With Application Monitoring AgentSlug waits for your application to tell whether it's healthy or not.

For example, if you worker executes something every hour, it would send a signal to our API. When there is no signal for a given time, you get a notification.

You can configure how often this signal has to be sent to recognise the app working correctly.

Setup is simple and will work in every environment that is able to send an HTTPS POST request to api.agentslug.com. Please find more information about it on the application monitoring documentation page


Still not convinced to sign up? Check out some screenshots before.

By the way, when you sign up, you can remove your account any time without contacting us 👊.

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Pricing is simple

We offer 3 plans with fair prices.

All plans include:

  • Testing your website every minute.
  • Shareable uptime report page.
  • Notifications via e-mail or Slack webhook.
  • Custom user agent, additional e-mail recipient.

All prices are net (without VAT)


2 uptime tests and 2 application monitoring tests.

1 month statistics retention.

1€ per month or 10€ per year.


10 uptime tests and 10 application monitoring tests.

3 months statistics retention.

4€ per month or 40€ per year.


50 uptime tests and 50 application monitoring tests.

12 months statistics retention.

12€ per month or 120€ per year.

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